Wondering if your policy can be sold for more money?

We have compiled a list of policies that are frequently accepted by our company.

We hope this gives you peace of mind when approaching our company with policies that you wish to sell at a higher value above the cash surrender value.

Please note this list is not exhaustive. New Policies are constantly being added to our procurement list.

For a full assessment of the suitability of your products to be sold for a higher price, please contact us using any of the means below.

Call us @ 9006 0909

Email us @


MoneySmart ( RP ) – Men MoneySmart (RP) – Ladies

Great Eastern Life / Overseas Assurance Corporation

Max Save Enhanced Max Growth Enhanced
Annual Cashback Endowment Annual Cashback Endowment
Premier Saver Plus


PruCash PruCash Max Limited Pay
PruFlexi Cash ( 6th Series) PruAdvance Saver
PruSave Limited Pay ( 6th Series) PruSave Max Limited Pay ( SGD) (7th Series)
PruSave ( 6th Series) PruPack with Profits


Limited Pay Revo Save


Manusave- Anticipated Endowment Manuwealth Secure 13 – Limited Pay 5 Years
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