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Conservation Capital is one of the largest Traded insurance investment company in Singapore set up over 8.5 years since 2015.

*Branding* It is a well known Singapore brand name in the traded insurance investment. It has a strong brand name and advertised in many traditional media forms across Radio, MRT, Newspaper online media and so forth. It is regularly featured in local newspapers and radio talk shows.

*Turnover* On average over the past 3 years, the company turnover exceeded 10 million annually
with a healthy net profit before taxes yearly for the past 8 years.

*Strong Corporate Support infrastructure* The company has built up a strong organization process structure to handle the daily duties of the company seamlessly. It is a plug and play business with the CEO handling mostly only strategic and customer facing duties.

*Inventory* The company at all times has a market value of inventory approximately 10 million worth for resale.

*Funding support* Conservation capital enjoys support from a strong pool of investors willing to provide funding support and business connections.

With the departure of our former CEO, we are looking for a new Equity owner and CEO to run the business.

The Roles You will Perform and supported with

The Roles You will Perform and supported withYou will be the Equity Owner and CEO

You will take over the company with its strong media brand Presence and be the spokesperson.

You will be supported with the corporate support infrastructure set up over the years to facilitate a plug and play process to instantly carry on business.

You will be provided with an assortment of inventory of insurance policies with an annual returns
exceeding 5% per annum for the company internal yield or resale. <Yes, you get to invest in them too at this yield>

The Requirements to be the next CEO

Time : The company is built up to be a plug and play model.

It is ideal for the CEO to be full time but not compulsory. Though not recommended, you can continue a full time role elsewhere and still oversee the business. Trevor has always been a part time CEO with other ventures on his plate.

Capital. As a equity owner, you will own policies under the company owned by you.

You will need to inject a start up capital of $1 million dollars to begin as the next CEO and join as the equity owner holding inventory for the purpose of trade and resale. This amount can be made available in 3 equal tranches over a span of 9 months.

The suitability

This role can be filled by anyone looking to be a CEO, a career change, a retiree, or a business equity investor.

Our former CEO was a social worker and thus shows that it does not need a financial background.

If you are interested in the world of finance, this can be a stepping stone for your next career.

Apply for the role

Contact Trevor or email on your expression of interest or to discuss if this role if suitable.

Should you decide to proceed, A non-disclosure agreement will be signed with the interested candidate. Full disclosure of the operations, accounts of the company will be revealed to the candidate.

To weed out non serious applications, a commitment fee of $30,000 has to be paid by the applicant in exchange for full disclosure. This amount can be offset from the initial entry requirement of $1 million required for the role.

IN the event of more than one applicant for the role, the first applicant to join the company will be accepted over the second applicant.

All Legal and Stamp duties will be borne by conservation capital

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