1. How do we buy a policy?

You can buy a policy in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Choose a Policy listed on our website or arrange an appointment with us for a non- obligatory meeting.

2. Why buy from us?

A conserved endowment has the following benefits

1) It is faster to maturity

2) Returns are generally higher than a brand new policy ( 4-5% per anum is the norm)

3) There is a possibility of discount over the capital invested by the original policy holder.

3. What is a conserved endowment policy?

It is a second hand insurance savings plan which is transferred from a original policy holder to a new buyer in the secondary market.

4. Are you IFA?

We are a locally incorporated company, independent service provider, that specializes in offering the best price for the sale and purchase of traded endowment policies.

5. Are you an Insurance company?

No, we are a fully independent service provider that specializes in buying endowment savings policies in Singapore.

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