Looking for a High Yield Fixed Deposit account,
Why not invest in a Traded Endowment from a Singapore Insurance Company?

What is a Traded Endowment /  Second Hand insurance?

Endowments are saving plans issued by insurance companies for the purposes of Savings and investments.

​Traded Endowments occurs when the policy is transferred from the original policy holder to a new investor.  As such, it is sometimes referred to as “Second hand insurance”.

Why are Traded Endowment’s an Attractive investment Option?

1) Reputable : These Endowments are issued by insurance companies based in Singapore such as NTUC, Prudential, AIA or Great Eastern. They are low risk, good quality investments with reputable companies.

​2) Faster to Maturity: Endowment Plans are typically long term saving plans spanning from 10 to 20 years.

But you can pick up the policy half way. Instead of waiting  20 years for the policy to mature, you can pick it up say at year 16, and wait only 4 more years to maturity

3) Discount on Capital:  Get it below the amount invested.  There are cases where sellers are in distress. Because the original sellers usually have gotten a surrender value below what they have initially for the policy, you enjoy a savings on what they have put into the savings account.
They may have invested $20,000 into the policy, but are willing to let it go for $16,000 if you are willing to take over their policy.
This allows the new investor to get a higher returns due to  a lower capital outlay. 

How does the interest rates compare to Traditional investments

Traded Endowments are a alternative investment that provides a higher return to the investor vs a regular savings plan.

Using a sum of $100,000 as a capital illustration Let’s do a quick comparison of the returns between a Traded Endowment Plan vs a traditional saving plan in the market.

Product Annual % rate 10 year rate Returns
Structured Deposits 1.86% Annually 18.6% $18,600
SG Bonds 3.3% 10 years average 33% $33,000
Central Provident Fund “ordinary account” 2.5% annually 28% $28,000
Conserved Endowments 4.5% annually 45% $45,000

* The above rates are for illustration purposes only. Rates and returns provided by the above entities may change.

As see from above, A Conserved/Endowment is a higher returns investment vs traditional savings plans provided by existing Financial institutions.

How can i invest in this.

1) Contact us by expressing your interest using the form on the right

2)You could click on this button below this button of the screen.

3) You could click on our investment listing page to view a list of policies available for investments.

What is the process of investing one

Once you have confirmed an interest with a particular policy, ..

1) We will make an appointment with you to visit the insurer together.

2) You will verify the information pertaining to the policy at the counter

– Premium paid so far by the original policy holder

– Balance premium payable

– Maturity benefit

3) When you are satisfied with the policy information, the policy can be assigned to you within 20 minutes of paper work.

4) You will receive the official endorsement letter from the insurer within 7-10 working days

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    Size of investment and returns:

    Most policies need an initial investment of $7000 – $20,000. Premium payments are than usually a few hundred dollars monthly.

    Your exact final return will be determined by the assurance company. However, you should expect an annual rate of return in excess of 3-4% per annum.

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