Annuities / Annual Dividends

Are you looking for an investment that provides you with annual cash flow and a annual Guaranteed Yield?

If you are, an annuity may be just what you are looking for.

Annuities are long term investment plans that provides you with

  1. Guaranteed Annual cash back
  2. Returns on capital at the end of the term with a chance for capital appreciation
  3. Tax free gains

Why is an Annuity Attractive

To illustrate the attractiveness of an annuity, we compare it to a rental property which similarly, provides an annual yield.
These are the reasons why an annuity may be more attractive.

1) Tax Free         : Returns on annuities are tax free. Rental income is taxable.
Holding an annuity is Tax Free. Holding a Property, attracts property tax.

2) Guaranteed :      Annual Yields on Annuities provided by most insurers are Guaranteed.
A property, is subjected to the availability of Tenants.

3) Cost Free       :   Annuities are cost free to maintain.
Properties attract Stamp Duties, Conservancy charges, Maintenance Cost and so forth.

Policies Listing
We list our policies once a month
Pls find below the policies listed for the current month 2020.

List of Annuities

Stock Code Year of First & Final Payout ​Initial Sum ​Annual Premium Total Premium Total Invested Compounded

Would you like to invest in an ​Endowment?

Endowments offer a lump sum payout at the end of policy year. To view the list of Traded Endowments, please click on the link button below.


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    How to obtain one of the policy

    1) Choose one of the above Policies that you may like to have

    2) RSVP with us by emailing us using the form on the left, or call us at the above number 6222 0338

    3) We will meet at the respective insurer to verify all numbers based on the sales sheet

    4) When all information is correct, the policy will be transferred to you with a legal procedure which will take around 20 minutes and submitted to the insurance company for processing

    5) You will obtain a copy of the transfer document above. You will receive a official letter from the insurance company within 7 to 10 working days. The policy is henceforth yours.

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